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Our target: 100,000 minds made up

With the help of a live ticker we are keeping count of how many people have made up their mind and obtained an organ donor card already, either by ordering one and printing it out or by downloading one to the Medical ID app to communicate their decision. Our goal is to have convinced 100,000 people to make a decision regarding organ donation in the three months between 1 June 2017 and the European Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation on 9 September 2017. This is three times the amount of decisions that we would normally see during this time period.

The ticker records all donor cards that have been ordered, whether in traditional paper form, printed out as a PDF file or downloaded to smartphones, and those requested on the order form for promotional material or during the campaign itself, which we are running together with the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. The ticker updates automatically.

Your decision counts!

... persons have already completed a donor card – so why not take a moment to make up your own mind about organ donation? The most important thing is that you decide – either way – and inform your friends and next of kin. There is never a bad time to talk about this important issue, because only if your next of kin know your decision can they be relieved of the burden of having to decide for you.

Have you made your decision?

Why is it important to make a decision?
To donate your organs or not? There are very good reasons to discuss this question with your closest friends or next of kin, because the fact is that the issue of organ donation could affect any one of us without warning from one moment to the next. Should anything ever happen to you, it is important that your next of kin are aware of your wishes regarding organ donation – not only to allow them to make a decision in line with your wishes, but also to make what will already be an incredibly difficult situation for them that little bit easier to bear. Roughly 1,500 people in Switzerland are currently waiting for an organ transplant. By saying “Yes” to organ donation, you could save lives in the event of your own death. You can record your decision using a donor card, with a number of different options to choose from: you can use the traditional paper version for your purse or wallet, print out a PDF file or download the Medical ID app on your smartphone and record your wishes concerning organ donation in digital format.